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Analysis on the future prospects of China's electric oven Market

Number of visits: Date:2016-8-22 09:27
Along with the improvement of people's living standard, many high quality household appliances such as induction cooker, food processing machine, microwave oven and so on are entering into people's homes. In the quality of life of improving more and more families also began to try to learn a new food production, no smoke, no dust, no open flame, temperature control and easy operation advantage to become electric oven to enter the ordinary people kitchen is the most favorable promoting agent.
Baking oven wind Hongre Market
According to the latest data show that the most popular kitchen appliances are in turn electric ovens, bread machines, microwave ovens, electric rice cooker, juice machine, etc.. The most popular kitchen is pan, cutlery, knives, kitchen paper etc..
It can not only baked out of the ever-changing style, texture melted delicious and occupy small space, the operation is simple, to meet demands of Western food culture. As a new kitchen appliances, the popularity rate of electric oven is increasing year by year.
And the microwave oven working principle is different, the oven through the heating tube to produce heat, this heating method will not destroy the original delicious food, but also retain the water contained in the food and nutrients. In addition, it can also meats, potato, corn, etc., especially it can afford to do cake, pizza, cookies, egg tarts microwave oven can not competent work, these are the life quality in recent years rising Chinese consumers began to favor electric oven.
At present, the volume of market on electric oven from 2 liters to dozens of liter range to meet the different uses of the crowd, but due to differences in Chinese and Western cooking habits, the domestic home appliances market mainstream electric oven is not western traditional family oven, but appearance, size and micro wave oven has a a lot of similar small electric oven become a consumer choice.
At present, the domestic electric oven market is growing rapidly. Over the past three years, the annual growth rate of more than 50% consecutive years, the total market capacity has doubled in three years in two. But compared with the popularity of 70%-80% in many western countries, there is still a lot of market space.
Appliance giants have entered a joint promotion to grab the market
Based on the rapid development of electric oven momentum, many household electrical appliances giant have entered the electric oven industry.
As an authentic imported electric oven, the original market are foreign brands occupy ACA. But soon, with the domestic brands to enhance product technical mastery, domestic brands in the limelight completely cover the foreign brands, the group of the United States from August 2007 high-profile announced the official to enter the field of electric oven, since the third quarter of 2009 began to occupy the market in the first position, the low price strategy and a strong sales network and to make it still along with the dominance of the market. As the first contact with the domestic brand electric oven enterprises, Galanz has been firmly firmly in the position of the electric oven market second. At the same time, the professional electric oven manufacturer Changdi 90% products for export in domestic baking market leveraging hundreds of billions of market force.
At present, most of the household electric ovens do food are still not rich enough, practice is still in the lower level, frequency of use of electric oven is low. Industry experts pointed out that the western eating habits are different, enterprises should further study the needs of consumers, to provide more quality products, but also to make baking culture gradually penetrate into the modern family.
It is understood that the early sales of electric ovens are mostly baked enthusiasts self blog, online post and other ways to carry out spontaneous word of mouth. In recent years, to obtain greater market, manufacturers began to penetrate into the baking cultural communication field. The United States through online shopping, TV shopping and other new channels to promote the electric oven, so that consumers and electric oven intimate contact.

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