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China electric oven in the future, the export market outlook is uncertain

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Electric oven industry is relatively mature, product categories, including large ovens, desktop small ovens, intelligent embedded oven, electric oven industry has been iterated many products.
China electric oven in the future, the export market outlook is uncertain
Shang Pu consulting industry analysts pointed out that, at present, the global electric oven market size in 80 million ~9000 million units, a high degree of universal penetration. Domestic electric oven market size of about 15 million units. Customs data show that China's 2013 export volume of more than 24 million units of electric oven, the export volume of about 678 million yuan. Mature foreign market environment makes a lot of electric oven enterprises will export business as a top priority. It is understood that the United States in the domestic and export business sales ratio of about 1:5. Changdi electric oven exports also accounted for the total sales volume of 70%~80%.
Although the electric oven with the foreign market as the main body, but the rapid growth in the domestic market can not be underestimated. In recent years, the domestic electric oven market has gradually become popular trend, the compound growth rate of electric oven market has more than 20%. Galanz relevant person in charge said that at present the annual production capacity of Galanz electric oven is about 9 million ~1000 million units, with the expansion of the Chinese market will steadily increase, Galanz electric oven in 2013 the proportion of internal and external sales of 1:9.
From January to April 2014, beautiful electric oven total retail share was 42.8%, ranking first in the market, an increase of 5.7%; retail sales share amounted to 31.5%, an increase of 4.3%. Changdi electric oven market sales to maintain steady growth trend. At present, domestic electric oven market mainstream brands including beauty, Galanz, Siemens, long Dili, ACA, whirlpool, Dongling,. According to the National more than 7000 every store retail monitoring data show that in April 2014, Midea and Galanz oven retail volume share rate reached 40.95% and 17.23% respectively.
According to consulting industry analysts said the current China's electric oven market is booming, as a new category of kitchen appliances, many domestic enterprises have also set foot in. It is understood that FOTILE, the boss and other traditional kitchen appliances brands have entered the field of electric oven. Future these electrical appliances enterprises in addition to attention to kitchen appliances, focusing hood, electric oven is the focus of future development of the project, gradually increasing electric oven product layout, enhance the promotion of the market, to seize the market of electric oven.

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